Nebraska Medicine
The Nebraska Medicine website faced significant usability issues, with patients and visitors struggling to navigate the site effectively. The site's structure was convoluted, making it challenging for users to find important healthcare information and services. This complexity led to frustration and inefficiency, detracting from the overall user experience and potentially impacting patient satisfaction and engagement with Nebraska Medicine's online resources.
In response to these challenges, the Nebraska Medicine website underwent a comprehensive redesign focused on a user-centric approach. By implementing a content-first design philosophy and prioritizing ease of navigation, the project aimed to make the website more intuitive and accessible. Key strategies included simplifying the site's structure, improving the search functionality, and ensuring that the most sought-after information was readily available. The redesign also incorporated extensive user research to align the website's features and content with the actual needs and preferences of its users. The outcome was a significantly enhanced online experience that made it easier for patients and visitors to access and utilize healthcare information, thereby improving patient engagement and satisfaction with Nebraska Medicine's digital presence.

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