I believe that everyone has a specific purpose in life and therefore, each decision and action steer us toward, or away, from that purpose. Our inherent passions and talent help each of us achieve our intended purpose. Passion drives us. My purpose is to serve and improve the lives of others and my passions and talents have evolved from simple design execution to utilizing creative problem solving through design.
Often, receipt of awards and accolades, such as Addy’s, define the value of work. However, as my career has advanced over the last few years, my perspective of my personal value of design work and future career advancement has shifted to helping others achieve their goals.
Throughout my 15 years in the design industry, I have had the opportunity to collaborate with skilled and inspired colleagues with brands such as Hayneedle (a Walmart company), TD Ameritrade, Cargill, Bosch, Phillips 66, Nebraska Medicine, UNMC, Children’s Health, First National Bank, Mayo Clinic, OptumHealth, UnitedHealth Group, Target, Dairy Queen, American Express, Cambria, Best Buy and more. 
However, my passion for making the world a better place truly ignited the first time I designed for health care. While at agency space150, I designed large-scale solutions for OptumHealth and UnitedHealth Group.
Thus, my goal is to design with benevolent purpose; to approach design through the lens of a humanitarian. In my perspective, the design should solve problems and allow for improvement for the individual and the greater good. If a design is not solving a problem, the design may be creating them.