Mayo Clinic
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Smart Space

Up to 20% of healthcare providers' time during patient appointments is consumed by clerical tasks, primarily due to the use of multiple, disjointed applications and the management of irrelevant data, placing undue cognitive strain on providers. 
This application was designed to integrate practice operations, streamline workflows, enhance efficiency, and reduce costs, thereby improving the management of reimbursements.
Piloted and evaluated in actual patient-care environments at Mayo Clinic, the SmartSpace app significantly alleviated clerical burdens within healthcare settings by integrating practice operations. It streamlined workflows, enhanced efficiency, and cut costs, improving reimbursement management. Crucially, the app-enabled real-time visibility into patient wait times and the patient load on physicians and nurses, optimizing care team productivity and patient flow.
Within the SmartSpace app's functionality, an innovative feature allowed physicians to verbally transcribe their notes, streamlining documentation processes, conserving time, and enhancing overall operational efficiency in the healthcare environment.

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